At Leggings Lady PDX, we believe clothing should be stylish while comfortable, and quality while affordable.  We want to bring comfort to your everyday life and give you easy style. 

LLPDX offers modern fashion, the latest trends and partners with our sister line Sela+Sage to provide the perfect jewelry for every look.

Our Story

Leggings Lady PDX was founded by Jolie Faulkner out of her home in Southwest Portland.  Jolie developed a strong local following in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, known for her inexpensive, high quality “butter soft” leggings – thus the business was born and Jolie became the “Leggings Lady PDX.”    

In 2016 Jolie followed her dream and opened a full service salon in Portland, and became too busy for LLPDX.  Not wanting to disappoint her followers Jolie and Shannon Crain linked up, and Jolie passed the torch of LLPDX.  Shannon reopened LLPDX in November 2017.

Shannon Crain is a wife and mother to two young kids, and based in Oregon.  With LLPDX Shannon strives to offer a variety of styles for everyone – always with a focus on quality and comfort. 



LLDDX wants the world to be a better place; therefore LLPDX sources clothing made in the USA as much as available.  All handling materials are recycled locally and packaging material is made from recycled paper.  LLPDX believes in shopping locally, respecting the planet, and partnering with non-profit organizations that share their vision of a better world.